Miele Washing Machines at Whitfords

Revolutionary Clothes Washing and Laundry Care

Get revolutionary laundry care and economical, environmentally friendly clothes washing with Miele washing machines from Whitfords, Sydney.

Miele’s front load washing machines outperform all competitors, achieving the maximum five out of five stars in the Most Satisfied Customers Awards for criteria including value for money, performance, reliability, ease of use, quietness, design, warranty and service.

Convenient to load and unload, these machines provide a range of installation options to suit your available space. Options include stacked with a tumble dryer, side-by-side, built in, or pushed under a counter.

Partner with a condenser dryer without having to worry about ducting moist air to the atmosphere, as condenser dryers cool in a closed air circuit.

Cleaner, Faster Washing

Miele washing machines herald a new era in cleaner, faster laundry care. The PowerWash system comprising Intensive Flow and a QuickPowerWash programme mean impressive results can be seen in less than an hour.

Other features:

  • TwinDos – Automatic dispensing of Miele’s 2-phase system or use off-the-shelf liquids to get your clothes cleaner.
  • CapDosing – Special single use capsules including special detergents, fabric softeners or wash boosters can be added to the dispenser for fabrics requiring special care.
  • Large capacity – Wash family-sized loads, up to 8kg.
  • Fast spin speeds – Spin speeds, up to 1600rpm, make laundry cycles efficient.
  • Pre ironing function – Easier and faster ironing, with the wash drum heated after the last spin cycle to smooth clothes
  • Built to last – Rigorous testing ensures reliability. Units are tested to run for 10,000 hours, door hinges tested 60,000 times (30,000 at high force) and control panel switches tested 50,000 times.

There are more benefits to choosing a Miele washing machine, available from Whitfords.

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