Miele Ovens and Cooktops at Whitfords

Make the Perfect Meal with Miele Ovens and Cooktops

Time for a new oven and cooktop ? Make Miele, from Whitfords, your first choice for reliability, even heat distribution, ease of cleaning and superior functionality.

Proven performance and a range of features that make cooking and baking a breeze mean that with Meile ovens and cooktops you’ll soon be creating perfect at-home meals to rival a chef.

This premium brand truly excels when compared to other well-known oven brands and has been consumer-voted a winner of the Most Satisfied Customer Award for Ovens.

Whether building a new home, remodelling your kitchen or replacing an ageing appliance, you’ll find a Miele oven and cooktop at Whitfords Sydney to fit your kitchen landscape.


Choose the right Miele oven for your kitchen. Talk to Whitfords staff to find out more about product features including:

  • Built in models – The range offers the flexibility to be installed under bench or in the wall and independent of the cooktop. Electric, steam and microwave combination models are available.
  • Sizes – For inbuilt, choose from the classic 56 litre four shelf model, large capacity 76 litre five shelf model or extra large 90 litre cabinet with three shelves. Dimensions are classic 60 cm x 60 cm or extra large at 90cm x 48 cm.
  • Cleaning systems – An automated cleaning process and patented surface with non-stick properties make these among the easiest to clean ovens on the market.
  • Special features – Get professional results with easy to use features such as moisture control for soft dough and browned crusts, automatic cooking programmes with a favourites list, wireless food probe and more.
  • Energy Efficiency – Super energy efficient, the ovens switch off early to use residual heat to complete the cooking process.


Among the fastest electric hobs in the world the Miele cooktop range features:

  • Extened cooking zones and versatile combinations so you can place various sized pans where you need them
  • Design versatility allowing hobs to be placed separate to ovens
  • Induction, ceramic and gas cooktops with high end features for economical power use
  • Combination sets for advanced cooking styles including induction wok, barbecue grill, Teppan Yaki surface and Salamander grill.

Built to last, Miele ovens and cooktops are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage.

Browse our product range, contact us, or visit our Sydney showroom to find out more about the benefits of these popular appliances.